Northcliffe Printmakers

Northcliffe Printmakers emerge under the umbrella of Southern Forest Arts.

For the past 10 years local artist Tony Windberg has been offering general art classes in Northcliffe, first at the Clem Collins in Northcliffe where equipment needed to be packed away each week. And more recently at the Windmill Gallery which is a venue only used for art classes.

In 2011 art class participants enjoyed an introductory unit in printmaking which exposed us to mono prints, relief prints, dry etching and collographs. A printing press had been purchased by Southern Forest Arts and this was set up at the sports' centre. Possibly because of the difficulty of moving and removing a heavy item such as a press, printmaking was not offered again locally for five years. In the interim a couple of students from the original course looked for workshops further field. But everyone is absolutely delighted that the press now has a semi permanent home at the Windmill Gallery and that printmaking courses have once more been offered locally. New enthusiasts are emerging from the 2016 and 2017 printmaking courses.

Printmaking has much to gain from shared endeavor and at the start of 2017 the Northcliffe Printmakers group was created under the umbrella of Southern Forests Arts. Members have a real opportunity to create prints co-operatively . We have access to a congenial, well set up working space, can bounce ideas around, share materials and skills and plan for exhibitions and future workshops. And of course make links to other printmaking organizations to extend our skills and horizons such as PAWA and SW Printmakers. Exciting stuff!

Thanks to the generosity of Bannister Downs and other support, the group has now purchased a print drying rack. We have plans to acquire some additional communal equipment and supplies in time. To this end we ran a raffle, drawn on 30 Nov 2017, associated with our debut exhibition From Plate to Print. Around $500 were raised for the purchase of printmaking equipment and supplies. Our thanks to the prize donors, Robert Ewing, Elke Paull-Keller and Anne Sepkus. Our thanks also to all our ticket purchasers.

Our first exhibition From Plate to Print ran from the 9th September to 5th November. We are planning on touring the exhibition to Manjimup, in the public exhibition space located with the Manjimup Library, in February 2018. The exhibition features works by all our members, and framed prints, plates and unframed prints which are mostly offered for purchase.

From Plate to Print Exhibition

Download a pdf of the Plate to Print Exhibition Poster.