We're inspired by nature...

Southern Forest Arts is an award-winning 'not for profit' cultural organisation based in the small Western Australian town of Northcliffe.

We are inspired by the diverse beauty of the ancient forests that surround us, and the ingenuity and character of the individuals and community that live beneath the canopy.

We explore, celebrate and promote our local identity with imagination and heart through three main activities:

We also host occasional skill development workshops and other art related events.

Latest News

Creative Regions Funding Win

We have some good news to share. In fact, the most exciting news for Southern Forest Arts and the Understory Art in Nature attraction for many years. Amongst the $24 million announced in June 2015, the Royalties for Regions Creative Regions project of the WA State Government, was some funding for Southern Forest Arts. Amongst other things, we hope we can begin to address some of the issues which have adversely affected us for some years: the building of sustainability, addressing of volunteer burnout and funding of further development. While more specifics about this development will be released soon, rest assured Southern Forest Arts will utilise the funds to strengthen its key areas of operation - the Understory-Art in Nature cultural tourism attraction and the Painted Tree Gallery - as well as the possibility of expanding into new activities. More information.