We're inspired by nature...

Southern Forest Arts is an award-winning 'not for profit' cultural organisation based in the small Western Australian town of Northcliffe.

We are inspired by the diverse beauty of the ancient forests that surround us, and the ingenuity and character of the individuals and community that live beneath the canopy.

We explore, celebrate and promote our local identity with imagination and heart through three main activities:

We also host occasional skill development workshops and other art related events.

Latest News

Mountain of Words

Artist Olga Cironis invites you to come to the Painted Tree Gallery in Northcliffe on Saturday 25th June or Sunday 26th June, between 9am and 4pm to donate a lock of your hair. Become part of an ongoing hair weaving artwork by one of Westner Australia's premier contemporary artists. This performance work is touring throughout Australia and Europe over the next two years as Olga weaves a hair ribbon at least 500 metres long.More Info.